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Garter Charms

These are the charms that are available to be added to custom designed garters! Please leave a note on the order with your charm request during checkout!

Charm List 1 Below:

1st Row Going Down:
Lizard, Duck, Fish, Single Wing, Spiritual Fish, Peace, Registered Nurse, Medical

2nd Row Going Down:
Moose, Deer, Horse Head, Awareness, Wings, Fleur De Lis, Stethoscope

3rd Row Going Down:
Sun, Horseshoe, Flower, Turtle, Kangaroo, Lazy Cat, Music Note, Dance, Ballerina

4th Row Going Down:
Baby Block, Motorcycle, Airplane, Koala Bear, Dinosaur, Frog, Art Brush, Violin

Charm List 1

Charm List 2 Below:

1st Row Going Down:
Bowling Pin, Skis, Football, Sand Dollar, Dolphin, Seashell, Heart and Key, Fairy, Double Heart

2nd Row Going Down:
Boxing Glove, Roller Skate, Running Shoe, Starfish, Palm Tree, Anchor, Crown, Shooting Star, Love

3rd Row Going Down:
Baseball, Basketball, I Love Soccer, Bee, Bear, Paw, 2014, Fire Hydrant, Casino

4th Row Going Down:
Golf, Baseball Glove, Baseball Bat, Snowflake, Flag, Christmas Tree, Gun, Handcuff, Star

Charm List 2

Charm List 3 Below:

Left Picture:
Butterfly, Bullhead, Tiger Head

Right Picture:
Bridesmaid, Large Skull Wings, Bat, Spider, Skull
Charm List 3


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